SNAIL SOAP DISPENSER. Easy to fill and to press to get your hands clean.
SNAIL SOAP DISPENSER. A fun product and a funny gift for your bathroom that makes washing your hands more enjoyable. You can get one in black, brown or white color.
SNAIL SOAP DISPENSER. Dimensions of this fun product are 105 mm high and 165 long.
SNAIL SOAP DISPENSER. A fun product that spices up your bathroom.
SNAIL SOAP DISPENSER. Easy to fill and to press to get your hands clean.
SNAIL SOAP DISPENSER. A funny gifts for women and men.


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Shaped like a cheerful snail, this dispenser turns the ordinary act of handwashing into a delightful, shell-tastic experience. Fill it with your favorite soap or shampoo, and watch the liquid emerge playfully from the snail's mouth. With a hidden liquid tube for safe and eco-friendly dispensing, it's the perfect addition for all ages, even the little ones who might mistake it for a pet snail.

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Picture this: a snail-shaped soap dispenser, ready to dispense cleanliness with a side of laughter.

Snail soap dispenser in 3 colors: white, black or brown
Friendly Shell-ution

Safe for users of all ages, it's particularly suitable for families with curious little ones, making handwashing an adventure rather than a chore.

Snail soap dispenser in bathroom that is easy to use.

Crafted from Plastic Polypropylene, the snail stands at 16.5 cm x 7.2 cm x 10.5 cm, providing a practical 120 ml volume for your soap of choice.

Snail soap dispenser dimensions 16 cm long and 10 cm high
Curious corner
  1. Dimensions: approx. diameter 16.5 cm x 7.2 cm x 10.5 cm
  2. Material: Plastic Polypropylene
  3. Capacity: 120 ml
  4. Product highlights: Snail Soap Dispenser | Fun Whimsical Handwashing | Playful Soap Container | Fun Gift Ideas | Novelty Bathroom Accessory | Quirky Bathroom Gifts | Shell-shaped Soap Holder | Creative Soap Storage
Recommended for
  1. Whimsy Enthusiasts: Ideal for those who believe in injecting a bit of humor into every aspect of life, including handwashing.
  2. Families and Kiddos: An ideal addition for households aiming for both functionality and a hint of amusement in their everyday products.
How to Snail-tize Your Space
  • Fill and Go: Pour your preferred soap into the dispenser, and let the gentle suds flow from the snail's mouth.
  • Counter Companion: Place it on your countertop, where the snail becomes a subtle yet delightful part of your daily routine.

Make a splash in your hygiene routine with the Snail Soap Dispenser – because why settle for a boring soap bottle when you can have a shell of a good time?

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