PEEING GARDEN GNOME. A special occasion gift from all angles.
PEEING GARDEN GNOME. Fun and funny garden decoration for a friend, girlfriend or a boyfriend.
PEEING GARDEN GNOME. A fun product and a funny gift for garden decoration.
PEEING GARDEN GNOME. A special occasion gift for indoors.
PEEING GARDEN GNOME. A special occasion gift and funny gift for garden.
PEEING GARDEN GNOME. A special occasion gift and funny gift for garden.


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Introducing the garden rebel – our Peeing Garden Gnome! This fearless gnome is caught in a moment of surprise, mid-stream with pants down, as if someone just stumbled upon his top-secret watering routine. Standing at 15 cm, he's the unexpected guardian of your garden's, um, natural beauty.

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Gnome Shenanigans

Our Peeing Garden Gnome stands proud, caught in the act, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "garden relief." It's the conversation starter your garden never knew it needed.

Peeing gnome for your garden or as a gift for friends and family.
Weather-Proof Laughter

Crafted from durable resin, this little guy is here to weather the storms – both literal and metaphorical. No need to worry about this gnome's bathroom break – he's waterproof and ready to make a splash, rain or shine.

Curious corner
  1. Dimensions: approx. 15 cm x 6  cm x 6 cm
  2. Weight: approx. 300 g
  3. Material: long-lasting solid resin and UV resistant paint that withstands the weather conditions
  4. Product highlights: Garden Gnome | Fun Garden Statue | Funny Garden Ornament | Hilarious Lawn Décor | Prank Indoor Statue 
Pee-rless Entertainment for Any Occasion!

Imagine the laughter at your next garden party or BBQ as guests spot our "Startled Streams" gnome doing his thing. He's not just decor; he's an entertainer, introducing a touch of lightheartedness to tranquil outdoor settings.

Peeing garden gnome for any occasion and for any place, inside your home or office or outside.
Plant Him Anywhere for a Gnome-rous Smile

No elaborate setup required – simply find a cozy spot, plant him, and enjoy the gentle amusement he brings. Whether he's hiding in the flower bed or peeking from the porch, our gnome is your go-to for effortless outdoor amusement.

Peeing garden gnome for your home design or your garden.

Craftsmanship that Whispers Character

Crafted from sturdy resin, this gnome is more than just a funny face – he's a testament to durable craftsmanship. The hand-painted details bring him to life, ensuring he stands out in your garden as the resident prankster.

In summary, our "Peeing Gnome Sculpture " is not just an outdoor sculpture; he's a waterproof wonder, a laughter-inducing lawn legend, and your partner in outdoor pranks. Plant a bit of humor and let the fun flourish!

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