MACHINE GUN GARDEN GNOME. Fun and funny garden decoration for a friend, girlfriend or a boyfriend.
MACHINE GUN GARDEN GNOME. A fun product and a funny gift for garden decoration.
MACHINE GUN GARDEN GNOME. A special occasion gift and funny gift for garden.
MACHINE GUN GARDEN GNOME. Fun and funny garden decoration for a friend, girlfriend or a boyfriend.
MACHINE GUN GARDEN GNOME. Fun and funny product for home.


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Get ready to turn your garden into a scene straight out of a mobster movie with our Machine Gun Garden Gnome! It is not your typical gnome – it's got a bit of swagger, a touch of mischief, and a whole lot of gangster charm. This little guy brings a bit of mystery and a whole lot of charm to your outdoor or indoor space.

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Meet the Machine Gun Garden Gnome – a Gangster Gnome

This ain't your typical gnome; this one's packing serious heat. Armed with a machine gun and a fierce expression, it's on high alert to keep your garden safe.

Crafted from durable resin and hand-painted for an extra touch of toughness, this gnome is as rugged as it looks. Rain or shine, it's up for the task of guarding your green oasis.

Machine gun garden gnome as a funny gift for home and garden.
Deploying Your Gnome Guardian

Place the fierce gnome amidst your flowers or by the shrubs to give your garden a touch of undercover drama.

Or bring this little gangster indoors for a surprising twist. It's the perfect conversation starter in your living space.

Machine gun garden gnome for outside use.
Curious corner
  1. Dimensions: approx. 14 cm x 7,5  cm x 6 cm
  2. Material: long-lasting solid resin and UV resistant paint that withstands the weather conditions
  3. Product highlights: Garden Gnome | Fun Garden Statue | Funny Garden Ornament | Hilarious Lawn Décor | Prank Indoor Statue 
Charming Buddy: What's the Gnome All About?
  • Power of Vigilance: Our Gnome is on a mission to watch over your garden with an ever-alert demeanor.
  • Intruder Deterrent: With a gnome this stylish, intruders will think twice before crossing into your green territory.
  • Weather-Defying: Rain or shine, the Gangster Gnome stands tall, showing off his resilience against the weather. Even in chilly seasons, this gnome maintains its charm, proving that style knows no temperature.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Mastery: This gnome seamlessly transitions between indoor elegance and outdoor allure, showcasing its versatility in any setting.
Machine gun garden gnome fun gift for garden.
Gift-Granting Prowess

Elevate your gift-giving game by presenting the Machine Gun Garden Gnome – a unique and memorable surprise for friends and loved ones. Witness the joy sparked by this unexpected and stylish gift, making every celebration unforgettable.

Get ready to welcome this stylish troublemaker into your home for a touch of fun charm!

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