HUNGOVER GARDEN GNOME. A special occasion gift and funny gift for garden.
HUNGOVER GARDEN GNOME. A fun product and a funny gift for garden decoration where the gnome is laying on a floor holding his head with bottles around.
MACHINE GUN GARDEN GNOME. Fun and funny product for home seen from behind.
MACHINE GUN GARDEN GNOME. Fun and funny product for home seen from the side.
HUNGOVER GARDEN GNOME. Fun and funny garden decoration for a friend, girlfriend or a boyfriend.


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Step into the world of the Hungover Garden Gnome, where the laughs are plenty, and the gnome's headache is real! This resin masterpiece isn't just a garden gnome; it's a hilarious portrayal of a gnome who partied a little too hard! This special gnome isn't just for looks; it's a funny garden buddy who knows how to party.

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Silly Gnome Style

Imagine a gnome chilling on the grass, missing one shoe, and showing his belly under a messy green shirt. He's not your regular gnome; he's the life of the party, even after the party! It shows the gnome had a blast; he sure knows how to enjoy his gnome-sized drink!

Hungover garden gnome as a funny gift from different angles. Laying on the grass with a headache and with bottles laying around. Missing one shoe and with belly looking under the shirt.
Perfect Anywhere

Great for gardens, patios, vineyards! or even indoors to make people smile. The hungover gnome brings joy to any place – from your garden to your living room.

Hungover garden gnome on the wooden shelf as a funny gift for garden or home.
Curious corner
  1. Dimensions: approx. 10 cm x 11.5 cm x 9.5 cm
  2. Material: long-lasting solid resin and UV resistant paint that withstands the weather conditions
  3. Product highlights: Garden Gnome | Fun Garden Statue | Funny Garden Ornament | Hilarious Lawn Décor | Prank Indoor Statue | Party-themed Décor
Funny Gift Choice

A thoughtful gift for friends, family, or anyone appreciating a touch of humor. The Hungover Garden Gnome is the perfect companion for those who know how to party.

Hungover garden gnome placed on a stone as a funny gift for home.
Resistant to Wine Spills and Showers

Crafted from durable resin and treated to be waterproof, this gnome can handle both wine spills and unexpected rain showers. He might be hungover, but he's no stranger to the aftermath of a celebration.

Embrace the chaos, laughter, and gnome-sized regrets with the Hungover Garden Gnome – a pranky masterpiece that brings the party to your garden, even when the party's over!

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