GO AWAY GARDEN GNOME. A fun product and a funny gift for garden decoration where the gnome is holding up the middle finger with a sign go away.
GO AWAY GARDEN GNOME. A special occasion gift and funny gift for garden.
GO AWAY GARDEN GNOME. Fun and funny garden decoration for a friend, girlfriend or a boyfriend.


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Meet the Go Away Garden Gnome: – a gnome not afraid to express himself, silently telling intruders and bothersome beings to take a hike.

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Guardian of Your Space

This gnome exudes a subtle attitude, with a raised middle finger and a demeanor that politely suggests, "Please, go away." A unique take on garden protection without the need for words. His face looks pretty angry, teeth out, and he's even giving a "not-so-nice" finger salute. Yup, he's not in the mood for visitors.

Go away garden gnome as a gift for home and garden on the wooden shelf.
Sign Says it All

No need for fancy words – our gnome comes with a special "Go Away" sign. It's like having your own grumpy bouncer for your home or garden.

Curious corner
  1. Dimensions: approx. 7,5 cm x 8 cm x 14 cm
  2. Material: long-lasting solid resin and UV resistant paint that withstands the weather conditions
  3. Product highlights: Garden Gnome | Fun Garden Statue | Funny Garden Ornament | Hilarious Lawn Décor | Prank Indoor Statue 
Outdoor Tough, Indoor Friendly

Whether he's guarding your garden or sitting in your living room, this gnome is up for it. Rain or shine, he's ready to keep things interesting. Ideal for starting conversations in your front yard, adding a hint of rebellion to your garden, injecting humor onto your porch, or allowing your home decor to make a bold statement.

Funny gift go away garden gnome from behind on a concrete wall.
Colors that Pop

He's not just sassy; he's a burst of color! This gnome is hand-painted and made tough from high-quality resin material, so he can handle whatever the weather throws his way. This buddy is durable and will protect your personal space for a long time.

For Those Who Get It: Ideal for those who appreciate a blend of cheeky humor and unique decor, the Go Away Garden Gnome is the perfect companion for those who embrace a bit of attitude in their green space.

Note: May induce smiles and discourage unwelcome visitors.

Say it loud and clear with the Go Away Garden Gnome – because sometimes, a gesture speaks louder than words.

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