Big mouth cat ashtray on the table with a cigarette.
Cat ashtray for indoor or outdoor use
Cat ashtray for storing small objects


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Introducing the Big Mouth Cat Ashtray – where feline charm meets functionality in a purr-fectly quirky package! This porcelain cat isn't just an ashtray; it's a whimsical masterpiece that's here to add a dash of humor to your home.

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Purr-fect Cat Vibes

Picture this: a charming cat face with a big, wide-open mouth ready to catch all your cigarette ashes. . It's not just an ashtray; it's a cat with a taste for smoke signals. Hand-painted in mysterious black, this cat is here to add a touch of enigmatic charm to your space.

Big mouth cat ashtray home decoration on table
Looks That Wow

Crafted from high-quality ceramics, this ashtray is more than just a smoking companion; it's like a tiny work of art. The gold details make it classy and playful, perfect for any spot in your home. Pop it on your table, desk, or outside – it's sure to get people talking.

Big mouth cat ashtray for home decoration

How to Use Your Kitty Catche

Ashes away! Simply flick your ashes into the big, open mouth of the cat, and watch as it skillfully contains the mess. The design is so clever that even if you're not a smoker, you can use it to stash your favorite snacks, candies, or even your keys. The cat's got more talents than you might think!

Big mouth cat ashtray funny gift for men and women
Curious corner
  1. Dimensions: approx. 13 cm x 11 cm x 10,5 cm
  2. Material: ceramic, fired with porcelain clay at high temperature, strong, anti-fading, durable and hand painted.
  3. Maintenance: not suitable for dishwashers. Hand wash only.
  4. Product highlights: Cat-shaped Ashtray | Novelty Smoking Accessories | Prank Gift for Smokers | Fun Gift Ideas | Playful Home Decor | Quirky Cat Decor | Mood-Lifting Presents
    Big mouth cat ashtray dimensions with 13 cm high
    For Cat Lovers & Fun People

    Whether you love cats or just love a good laugh, this ashtray is for you. It's a fun surprise for cat lovers, pranksters, or anyone who likes a bit of silliness in their day. This gift will earn you the title of the "Master of Purr-sonalized Presents.

    Does it have superpowers?

    Sure, we could say that. Here are just a few:

    • Crowd Magnet: The Big Mouth Cat Ashtray grabs attention with its playful design, becoming a chat-starter in any room. It's not just an ashtray; it's a cool thing people notice!
    • All-in-One Wonder: This cat does more than catch ashes – it's a great decoration and can be a keeper for small things. It's like having a helpful little friend at home!
    • Joyful Gift-Giving: Step up your gift game with a present that's not just memorable but also delightful on a daily basis.

    Bring home the Big Mouth Cat Ashtray and let your space purr-sonality shine through.
    Because who knew an ashtray could be this much fun?

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